Monday, July 6, 2015

Pre-Kickstarter Updates + Title: A World Of His Own

I'll cut right to the tl;dr. There will be a Kickstarter happening in a few weeks. Details on just when this will happen will come in the days to follow.

So, the last update was from a month ago, with the release of the Proof of Concept. In the time since, I've sat down and really looked into the project. The original posted release date was Q4 2015. While I probably could still hit that goal, the game would feel incomplete. There would be aspects that I would always look at and say I could have done better. As such, the following timeline will be kept, pending the success of the aforementioned Kickstarter campaign:

Mid-July: Kickstarter Campaign Starts
Mid-September: Kickstarter Campaign Ends (60 Days)
Late-October: Project Reaches Build, First City Built
Late-December: Project Reaches Build, Forest and Second City Built
Late-March: Project Reaches Build, Game World Complete
Late-June: Project Reaches Build, VA Complete and Enters Q/A
Late-August: Project Reaches Build, Final Testing
October 31, 2016: Project Reaches Build, Release Date Goal

Again, this timeline follows a "Best Case Scenario" standing. Depending on how things go, the release date can be pushed back toward the ending of 2016, upwards of a year plus depending on how well the Kickstarter campaign goes.

Next up, the Music Lead for the project has been selected. More of this will follow as pieces start coming in. At the moment, however, you can hear some of his work via Soundcloud.

Finally, I have decided to release the title of the project. The official name of the game will be A World Of His Own.

Remember to Like the game on Facebook, and follow the newly created Twitter account for Arseo Productions. You can also try out the Proof of Concept by downloading it from the official page.

Project Facebook Page
Arseo Productions Twitter Account
Proof of Concept Official Download Page

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Demo/Proof of Concept Released

As of today, the first official Demo/Proof of Concept for Project Silence has been upload and released. The link will be at the bottom of this page. But first, an explanation on just what "Proof of Concept" means in this case.

When someone plays the demo of a video game, it is (generally) using somewhat final graphics and textures. Should the game have voice acting, the final voice actors are the ones providing the voices. Usually the final soundtrack has been inserted as well. You are basically playing a portion of a game that is mostly finished, with the team spending a month to polish that one part.

However, a Proof of Concept is something completely different. Unlike a demo, most of the graphics and textures are place holders and generic. Any voice acting is not final. The soundtrack is also mostly a place holder. However, it is used to show what the final project will become. It is a way of saying "This is the bottom line," and that the game can only move up.

Though marked as a demo, what was released today is more a Proof of Concept. More will be released in a few weeks, after the past few sleepless nights are recovered from.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Update on the Demo

Let's cut right to the chase.

The demo of Project Silence will be released next week. I am saying Tuesday, June 9th at the moment, and this will be official barring anything else going wrong (at this point, I can't think of what). Below is a list of just what this demo has, and what it doesn't have.
               -Full spoken voice acting.
               -Background music.
               -Multiple difficulties.

Now, things to also consider...
               -The main character's voice acting is not final (I am NOT voice the main character).
               -The lead female character's voice acting was recorded quickly at the last minute.
               -I am NOT the one who will be recording the final soundtrack.

As of this writing, about eighty-five percent of the lines have been recorded, with only the Loop, the Developer's Room, and two parts added well after the fact needing to be recorded. These will most likely be recorded Sunday morning, with the final testing happening Monday, and the release on Tuesday. Again, this is provided nothing goes wrong. Needless to say, however, the demo WILL BE released this coming week.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Game Updates and the Future

So it's been a week shy of a month since the last update. Today, I will discuss a few items of importance relating to the game, the forthcoming demo, and the future of Arseo Productions.

1st – Hospital

As I mentioned, work is progressing on the Hospital, the first large (and honestly, largest planned) area the player has the option to explore. As mentioned I believe in the video, the player can decide to visit all of the open areas of the game, or simply sprint for the ending, getting the bad ending along the way.

The hospital, so far, is mostly just hallways with some plan for where rooms will go. Even so, the number of maps are staggering for just hallways (the first floor alone is somewhere around twenty maps). With three floors, a basement, and maybe a few extra spots to explore, it will take a some time for the player to make their way through if they want to find everything.

Another tidbit will be the notes and signs you are able to find littered around the game. Almost all of them will be unreadable, at least until certain conditions are met. This condition can be cleared right after you enter the city proper from the house you wake up in, can be put off until just before you leave the first city, or completely ignored until the game ends and you're stuck having no idea what anything around you says. Some may say this level of immersion into the game world is a bad idea. I say it is almost required.

2nd – Demo

The second thing I want to talk about is the upcoming demo of the game. Not only will this demo be a small showcase of what the final project will look like, but it will also be a good judge for me to know just how much larger the game will be when full audio is implemented. For example, the current demo, sans audio, comes in at a whopping eighteen megabytes. This is without the twenty page script being recorded, background music being inserted, and any other audio issues I find between now and the publishing of said demo. When a later build was done, with only the voice acting for the first room added, it tacked on another three megabytes. This demo alone, at least in file size, my be larger than most full games built with this engine.

That also leads me to when the demo will be released. Seeing as the demo is more a showcase to show people whom I want to have work on the project with me, most of the voice over work will be done by me. During this early stage, almost all the spoken lines are given by the main character, Ian. As more characters are introduced later in the game, this will obviously change. However, while I can basically record my lines at will, I can't easily record the other character's lines. This is mainly due to the main female character being voiced by my sister, the aspiring voice actress Cheyenne Arseo. Her recordings will not be able to be recorded until her finals are over mid-May. As such, the demo of Project Silence will have a (subject to change) release date of June 2, 2015.

3rd – Music

Next, I'm going to spend a moment and talk about the music. At the moment, I am in talks with an old bandmate to take up the position of the Music Lead for the project. I have heard various pieces of the music he has composed, and find it works with what I have in mind. While I do not believe there will be time to get pieces implemented for the demo, I do have high hopes of his pieces giving the game the music direction it needs. More information will follow as details get ironed out.

4th – The Future

With my twenty-sixth birthday having happened this past week, one thing I did was take a day and really think about where I wanted this to go. Not just this one game, but my future in game design. When the original idea for Project Silence came into being over a year ago, it was originally going to be a full 3D game, almost little more than a Silent Hill clone. Rough concept sketches were made of the monsters Ian would come across. Several ideas for the story were written out, a few of which remain in the current version. However, lack of skill and the extreme learning curve a title like this would give me convinced me to shelve the idea. Instead, I took the idea into the 2D world.

Early on, some things remained. The main map changed designs several times. One character was cut from the game, for no other reason than his death being near impossible to replicate in 2D. Other things, such as the voice acting, took an even more important role. Yet this project also carries something more damning with it, the fear of failure.

Let me say this now. Project Silence WILL BE RELEASED.

This will also lead me to the future. The current public release date for Project Silence is Q4 2015. Provided I get it released by 11:59pm PST December 31, 2015 it will meet that release window. While I may be willing to change the release window a few months, the point is the game will eventually be released. At that point, it will be new projects that I will work on, some of which are already being planned in the strictest sense.

I will now publicly announce the next future project for Arseo Productions.

Project VN
Release Window – Q4 2016

Project VN will be a visual novel, and will spearhead one of the design branches for Arseo Productions. Plans will include to have custom drawn characters, backgrounds, and key visuals. Original music will be included. Full voice acting is unknown at this time, though I do hope to have it included. More details will come as Project Silence nears its completion.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Overdue Update

So, it's been over a month since I last uploaded something onto here. There is some news (obviously), and I figured I'd just go down the line with what's new.

Firstly, I doubt weekly updates will continue for a while. Even though progress is made week by week, it's generally not enough to have a weekly update. As such, updates will come at least once a month, maybe twice a month. Should something happen that's enough to warrant an update outside of that time frame, then will be posted. I'm sure though, that as the game gets closer to completion, the updates will become frequent enough o warrant a weekly blog.

Secondly, work on the actual game is going well. The locations are coming along, and text flow charts are outlining the areas I haven't made yet. As of current, the game should be released as planned by the end of 2015.

Thirdly, a small demo is currently in the works. While only being around fifteen minutes long, it will hopefully be enough to show just what is planned for this project. It will feature full voice acting (with the main character being voiced by myself for the demo only), and music. Expect it sometime in May, depending on how recording goes.

Please continue to view this blog, and Like the Facebook page ( for more updates.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Look! A Video!

Since my audio is now working, I decided to FINALLY record a video of Project Silence. I do apologize for my microphone cutting out about five minutes before the video ends. Basically, I go on about the characters speaking a different language than the main character, mention that I have a few people I am considering asking about doing the audio, mention that more videos will follow, and thank you the viewer for watching.

Friday, March 6, 2015

General Updates

So, nothing really new or big to report this week. I'm about a hair's breadth away from just getting an RMA for my computer's motherboard, since audio is still a problem.
Anyways, the house you wake up in at the start of the game (the “StartingHouseNEW” in the game's mapping) is pretty much redone. All that really remains is redoing the outdoors part of the house, and getting a few final scripts in place. It's my hope to have this done tonight, and have the first city more or less outlined by next Friday with work on the buildings starting the following week. By then I'll have either found a way to fix my computer or have sent back the motherboard and put the smaller one back inside the case.
In other news, I now have a Facebook page for the game. Please go and Like it.