Monday, July 6, 2015

Pre-Kickstarter Updates + Title: A World Of His Own

I'll cut right to the tl;dr. There will be a Kickstarter happening in a few weeks. Details on just when this will happen will come in the days to follow.

So, the last update was from a month ago, with the release of the Proof of Concept. In the time since, I've sat down and really looked into the project. The original posted release date was Q4 2015. While I probably could still hit that goal, the game would feel incomplete. There would be aspects that I would always look at and say I could have done better. As such, the following timeline will be kept, pending the success of the aforementioned Kickstarter campaign:

Mid-July: Kickstarter Campaign Starts
Mid-September: Kickstarter Campaign Ends (60 Days)
Late-October: Project Reaches Build, First City Built
Late-December: Project Reaches Build, Forest and Second City Built
Late-March: Project Reaches Build, Game World Complete
Late-June: Project Reaches Build, VA Complete and Enters Q/A
Late-August: Project Reaches Build, Final Testing
October 31, 2016: Project Reaches Build, Release Date Goal

Again, this timeline follows a "Best Case Scenario" standing. Depending on how things go, the release date can be pushed back toward the ending of 2016, upwards of a year plus depending on how well the Kickstarter campaign goes.

Next up, the Music Lead for the project has been selected. More of this will follow as pieces start coming in. At the moment, however, you can hear some of his work via Soundcloud.

Finally, I have decided to release the title of the project. The official name of the game will be A World Of His Own.

Remember to Like the game on Facebook, and follow the newly created Twitter account for Arseo Productions. You can also try out the Proof of Concept by downloading it from the official page.

Project Facebook Page
Arseo Productions Twitter Account
Proof of Concept Official Download Page

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